Future of Singapore depends on Our Young People

I have been in politics for coming to ~1.5 years. A very short time. I have so much to learn, and from so many different people: reporters, activists, politicians and veterans, friends (do not ever believe that Singaporeans are apolitical; you get them started on policies and you will not get your chance to say anything) and our younger Singaporeans.

Honestly, I do not know where this road will lead to. I just know what I am doing is giving me meaning to live, and there are many people whom I have met, who are doing this so that tomorrow can be better for many other people. Amongst these people are many members of our younger generation who are standing up and fighting for their beliefs. They do not get a penny for doing this.

Think about the homeless (“There are no homeless in Singapore, just Happy Campers”; http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=243022663629&ref=ts).

Think about Vui Kong (“We believe in 2nd Chances”; visit http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/We-Believe-In-Second-Chances/121781017872484?ref=ts).

Think about YOG critics (one of the most interesting argument I heard from a young volunteer is why should volunteers not get better food for public service rendered, just like how our leaders demand for million dollar salaries to serve the people).

I am gravitated to the young people. There is hope. Give more credits to our young people than what some of us think. They are quick to point out your flaws and see beyond your facade – knowing whether you are “genuine” or worth your salt.

Singapore is definitely not ready for leapfrogging in terms of political freedom now. Our people and our institutions may not be ready. There is much work to be done. It has to start now with the young Singaporeans. As a voter, I am convinced we need change, to realize the vision of an inclusive society, a transparent and an accountable government.

Deep in my heart, the young people gives me the reason to do this.  After more than 1 year, this is the main reason I am doing this. That is why I am working towards building a platform for our young people to be involved in politics.

– This platform should allow young people who can step forward to join any political parties, and offer yourself as a candidate not for money or power but for the pure desire of wanting to make contributions to ordinary people.

– This platform ensures that politics is not just meant for those in power and the incumbents.

– This platform would require office holders to be questioned, and challenged by anyone, including ordinary citizen, to hold them accountable.

– This platform would require the office holders to change from an approach of “I say you do” to “let us discuss and let us do together”.

– This platform would allow our young phoenix to rise from the ashes, without fear or prejudice, when the calling comes for them to serve.

It was the last generation of Singaporeans who have laid the foundation in place for the success of my generation. I believe I should contribute and do whatever I can, in my limited capacity, to ensure that a platform is there for the next group of future leaders to stand up, and for Singaporeans to truly have their voices heard, and casting their votes purely based on their agreements or disagreements with policies.

We need our young leaders to stand up. I know they are amongst us. Do not be made to believe that you need the experience and you need to be earning million of dollars before you can take part in politics. The first batch of Singapore leaders comprises of union leaders, teachers and postmen. Few of them have any experience in politics and running the country. And they have laid important foundations to grow a successful Singapore. We need another group of trailblazers – willing to listen, constantly working on the ground, and prepared to make a difference to the people of Singapore.

The world has changed. Singapore has changed. Our young people are more educated, well read and discerning. None of the leaders now may be around in leadership position 15-20 years from now. The younger generation is all we have. What must we do to allow their voices and ideas to be heard? Young people need greater political freedom, freedom of developing their potentials and expressing their thinking.

I hope you would help spread this message of change. To tell young Singaporeans why this is important. It is about you. We depend on you.  You and your peers will change and will lead Singapore.  You will chart the destiny of this nation and our people.  Together your voices and our voices must start to bring change so that the power will sit with you when the time comes for your generation to lead the country.

For the young people of Singapore,

Your voices today are for our future.

Your one voice will change our future.

Your one vote will decide our future.

Because you are our future.

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1 Response to Future of Singapore depends on Our Young People

  1. Gibson says:

    i totally agree with you. Though i do not know who you are but yes i do believe that young Singaporeans’ voices should be heard and taken seriously. And by ‘young’ i include 18 year olds and 20 year olds, etc. there are more and more Gen Y young adults and teenagers getting more involved with what’s happening around and in Singapore and also with the policies.

    But alot Singaporeans, especially our elders, don’t like us discussing such stuffs, even among ourselves, which i feel is disheartening. I really hope the Singapore society can ‘open up’ one day. hope Singapore will be able to see sth out of RP, sth new, sth that will inject excitement. thanks!

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